I have some archive files and in each file there is a subfolder. I want to move files from subfolders to root folder of archive files and delete subfolders.

for example:

in lossless.rar
\my music\love.mp3

Hope someone know a solution. Thank you.


You do not mention the type of your archives but from your example I assume that you use RAR files on Windows.

First you must create a temporary folder (eg. C:\TempDir) where you will do your job.

After this, you can use the following procedure:

  • extract all the files without their paths in TempDir:

rar e lossless.rar C:\TempDir\

  • delete the original archive: (BE SURE TO HAVE A BACKUP!)

del /Q lossless.rar

  • add the files back without the path info: (otherwise you'll end up with c:\tempDir in your archive and you don't want that)

rar a -ep lossless.rar c:\TempDir\*

Of course, if you have a lot of archives you can automate the above steps by putting them in a batch file (eg. RemoveRarPaths.cmd) and have the archive name as a parameter. Then you can use it with RemoveRarPaths.cmd myRar.rar or more powerful: RemoveRarPaths *.rar

For your convenience the batch file should look something like:

rar e %1 c:\tempDir\
del /Q %1
rar a -ep %1 c:\tempDir\*

DISCLAIMER> Written from top of the head - not tested, no error handling, parameter checking etc. - just to show you the idea. Be sure to have backups & use at your own risk.

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