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The window previews in Windows 10 are too small to make any informed decisions. How can I increase the size of the thumbnail preview?


Note: This is not a duplicate of Is there any way to make taskbar icons bigger in Windows 10? which is about taskbar icon size. This question is regarding the preview/thumbnail size.

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You can do this without any external programs by modifying the registry. According this video on how to Make Windows 10 Taskbar Thumbnails Bigger:

  1. Open registry - Win + R and type regedit
  2. Go to path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Taskband
  3. Add new DWORD 32 Bit Value
    1. Key: MinThumbSizePx
    2. Value: Number of pixels anywhere less than 500
  4. Restart Explorer with any of the following methods:
    1. Longest - Restart Computer
    2. Medium - Log off and then log back on
    3. Shortest -
      1. Ctrl + Shift + Right click on Taskbar
      2. Select 'Exit Explorer'
      3. Pull up Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc)
      4. File > 'Run New Task' > Type explorer
      5. Voila! You've restarted explorer

Increased Size Screenshot

  • Another fast way to restart explorer is to open up task manager. Find Windows Explorer right click > click restart. This only takes about 15 seconds total. – Azuraith Jan 15 at 14:50

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