I have a HDD (wdc wd30ezrx-00mmmb0 western digital 3gb, Link to HDD specifications) I purchased a while back and it had an original capacity of 3TB. Some unknown error happened to my computer which rendered my HDD's max capacity to 746.52 GB .

The HDD has been in this state for 4 months, and I am unable to return it even as a "tech-savy" individual.

What I have attempted:

  • Restarted computer
  • Deleted hard drive
  • Formatted, disk checked, de-fragmented
  • Downloaded miscellaneous drivers and HDD tools in attempts to solve this problem.

NOTE: It is worth noting that when my computer boots, the "Intel Rapid Storage Technology" screen shows my HDD at full capacity ~2.7 TB.

Please this is a serious question, I have spent months with trial and error trying various methods, all which have been fruitless. If there is any information that you require please leave a comment (as the cause of my problem is unknown, I am unsure what to list for whomever reads this).


My first attempt of zero filling the disk and formatting it as a GPT drive was unsuccesful. The current specifications of my HDD through both the Disk Management Utility and WD Data Life Guard is as follows. Disk Management: Disk 1: Unknown Type, 746.52GB, Not Initialized. Unallocated. and WD Data LifeGuard: Model Number (WDC WD30EZRX-00MMMB0), Capacity (3001GB), SMART Status (PASS)


I am providing a snapshot of my Disk Management Utility showing my HDD's. The disk of concern is Disk 1 New Volume (E:). I am also providing a snapshot of the WD Data Lifeguard Utility, which shows the HDD capacity as 3001 GB. Disk Management Utility

WD Data LifeGuard Utility

  • How exactly have you determined that the maximum capacity is 746.52 GB? This is relevant. It could be, for example, you haven't properly partitioned the drive. Aug 19 '15 at 0:41
  • @ChrisInEdmonton Hey there, I determined this through both the Disk Management Utility and through My Computer window. How can a improperly partitioned drive cause this problem (could you direct me to some documentation please?). Aug 19 '15 at 1:27
  • 1
    Could you post a Disk Management screen shot, and also please specify if the HDD is MBR or GPT. You can also have a look what Diskpart will show. Open cmd and type C:\> Diskpart, then in the diskpart window type DISKPART> list disk Aug 19 '15 at 13:58
  • Months, really? Zero fill the drive using the WD Data Lifeguard utility, then initialize and properly format it in disk management
    – Moab
    Aug 19 '15 at 15:03
  • @Techpumpkin_WD I have checked the disk utility and also checked the disk part, it is labelled MBR now ( I changed it from GPT yesterday). I will send screen shots when I come home ! Aug 19 '15 at 18:24

Techpumpkin_WD provided a solution in a comment.

I had to download driver updating software and after a reboot, and a HDD format the HDD worked perfectly!

From comment: "In this case could check if you are using the latest version of the Intel RST and also make sure to update your chipset drivers to the latest possible version. Look for the chipset drivers on the chipset manufacturer web page not the motherboard manufacturer web page as some times they aren't updated. It look like Windows in to properly recognizing the sector size of the HDD, it's a 4 K HDD and it's been seen as a 512 one."

Hope that helps someone! cheers!

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