localectl list-locales lists quite a selection of english language locales, but everything else is missing.

How do I install or generate all locales?

I tried installing all language packs with:

dnf langavailable | sed 's/.*\[/dnf -y langinstall /' | sed 's/\].*//' | sh

but that didn't help, so it seems language packs don't set up the locales for those languages?


Answering my own question here, as I got the answer via #fedora:

It turns out the image I was using (a droplet on Digital Ocean) has the following setting in /etc/rpm/macros.image-language-conf:

%_install_langs C:en:en_US:en_US.UTF-8

Changing that to all:

%_install_langs all

And then reinstalling glibc fixed it for me:

sudo dnf reinstall glibc-common
  • Tried adding :fi_FI:fi_FI.UTF-8 to the end of the list but that didn't work. Instead adding fi_FI before the en_US.UTF-8 entry worked.. Wonder if the installer fails to parse the .UTF-8 correcty.. – Jonas Berlin Nov 6 '17 at 21:24

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