My computer (with windows 10) is not printing on a printer (model: OKI C310dn) and I can not identify the problem. On the manufacturers website there is no appropriate driver for windows 10. I've used the driver from the printers driver-disc which doesn't mention any compability.

So my question is: How can I find out what causes this trouble? I know of the event log, but can't see any printer related entries.

Some other information:

  • the printer is listed as a printer among printers
  • the printers driver install was successfull
  • the website of the printer can be accessed (web interface)
  • printer status says "ok"
  • other computers can print on this printer

On the website they recently added info for Windows 10 drivers. Link is below: http://www.okidata.com/resources/driver/Win10_Compatibility_List-V1.0.pdf

Have you tried their customer support? They are usually quick in helping with these requests.

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