How can I open encrypted volumes created by LibreCrypt on linux? These Volume is created by LibreCrypt on Windows7 and is formatted with fat32.

When I tried opening this volume in Linux through cryptsetup, using the following commands.

losetup /dev/loop9 volume.vol
cryptsetup open /dev/loop9 crypt_loop9

I get the error,

Device /dev/loop9 is not a valid LUKS device.

Why am I getting this error?

Aren't LibreCrypt created volumes LUKS compatible?

What is the possible solution?

  • Well the website only says that LibreCrypt can open LUKS volumes, but it doesn't mention anything about LUKS being able to open LibreCrypt ones… – grawity Aug 20 '15 at 6:30

LibreCrypt created volumes are not LUKS compatible. They are created in 'FreeOTFE' compatible format. You can create a LUKS volume in Linux and open it in LibreCrypt.


try: sudo cryptsetup /dev/mapper/loop9 $desired_name

if that doesn't work then the volume is not LUKS compatible. the solution is to use cryptsetup to create a LUKS compatible volume in linux and mount it in windows with LibreCrypt. that way you can use it in both.


@OP, as a fellow observer and tester for LibreCrypt (linux-modder) you would open it with the following command.

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/mapper/volume $desired_name

(from your example $desired_name would be crypt9_loop)

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    could u elaborate what is /dev/mapper/volume here. AFAIK, it should be a block device such as /dev/loopX . When this command is successful, the device wil be unlocked at /dev/mapper/$desired_name . And using any of #cryptsetup open ... and #cryptsetup luksOpen ... gives the same error Device /dev/loopX is not a valid LUKS device. – Bharat G Sep 23 '15 at 21:12
  • If it helps, I used Libre Crypt version 6.2 beta on Windows 7 ultimate 64bit to create the volume. – Bharat G Sep 23 '15 at 21:14

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