I don't like having to switch from keyboard to mouse when I want to click a link on a page - I'm using a shortcut to bring up browser, Ctrl-L to print a search query, arrow keys to navigate to a search result, and Enter to open it. But on random websites I still have to touch the mouse to open a link.

I'm wondering if there is a plugin for one of the said browsers that does something along the lines of letting me press a button, e.g. Ctrl, which would assign the links currently visible on the page a single button (e.g. 1,2,3), clicking on which would take me to the link target?

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Vimium for Google Chrome (Chromium) will do the job for you.

Vimium also exists for Firefox, however VimFx has better reviews.

Using Vimium

This is just one of several options available in Vimium. For a more comprehensive list, see Vimium's ReadMe on GitHub.

  • On any webpage, hit the F key on your keyboard

    • links on the page now have keyboard keys associated with it
  • Enter the character or character combination to open the link


  • If the website (web application) you're using has keyboard shortcuts of its own, they may conflict with Vimium. So, you'll want to spend a little time tinkering with the options to suit your needs.


  • Here, I'll open the firefox tag in your question above in a new tab.

Demo of using Vimium to open link in a new tab

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