My nginx backend server should only accept requests from my frontend, However, I also want nginx to log the correct IP address, so I use set_real_ip_from. But by doing this, the allow rule in the config isn't matched, and nginx will always return a 403. Here's the relevant config:

deny  all;

real_ip_heaader  X-Real-IP;

How can I overcome this problem?

  • Why not just don't use set_real_ip and log X-Real-IP header?
    – Alexey Ten
    Aug 21 '15 at 7:15
  • Because those are used when your app is being accessed via a proxy (e.g. Amazon ELB) and so all traffic comes from a single IP address; if you don't use those you can't filter.
    – El Yobo
    Dec 17 '15 at 22:16

I was looking for this myself and as it took me a "while" to find a solution I'll put it here to ease it for others.

allow/deny constructs won't work in this case since they don't work with real ip variables.

Instead you can use $http_x_forwarded_for variable:

## this goes before server section
## it allows us to check if forwarded ip is allowed to make request or not
map $http_x_real_ip $allowed {
    default false;

    ## your ip goes here
    ~\s111.111.111.111 true;
    ## other ips you want to allow

server {
    ## ... other instructions...

    real_ip_header  X-Forwarded-For;

    ## you may want to add this to get "truly" real ip
    real_ip_recursive  on;

    ## ... other instructions...

    ## or any other location you need
    location / {
        if ($allowed = false) {
            return 403;
        ## ... other instructions...

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