Is there a way to convert documents / books (PDF, DOC, Mobipocket, EPUB, etc.) from one format to another, e.g. from DOC to PDF, by right clicking a file item?

The scenario I'm imagining is opening up finder, seeing a book, realize it's DOC and not Mobipocket so I can't drag it to my Kindle, right click it, go to some "convert to" menu item, and select Mobipocket from it.

Is there some software that adds this capability to the Finder?


You could make this functionality yourself by combining Calibre with Automator to make a service. Services will show up in the menu when you right click on a file in the Finder.

One hint if you assemble this yourself is Calibre book conversion can be called from the command line. Like so

/Applications/Calibre.app/Contents/MacOS/ebook-convert $1 ${1%.}.mobi

This article might help get you started if you decide to build this for yourself. I am sorry I don't know of an application that does what you ask out of the box.

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