I am presently scratching with the features of Windows Azure Active Directory. I came across a feature named single sign-on for web based SaaS applications.

What I am presently aware of is: Windows Azure Active Directory provides single sign-on capability to all the web-based SaaS applications provisioned to the user by the IT-Admin. For example:

When user opens myapps.microsoft.com with his log-in credentials, he automatically signs in to all the applications provisoned to him by his IT Admin.

My Query is:

Is This Feature Also Available in Windows Server Active Directory? Is there a way in which when we log-in into our PC, in a domain, it automatically signs us into all the network devices, Applications, Web-based Applications Etc?

  • For web apps, I think you'd use ADFS as a gateway? Many web apps support SAML2.
    – user1686
    Aug 22 '15 at 21:42

This is possible for Windows 10 clients with Azure AD join which are also joined to a domain. In this case the client has SSO to all resources that are trusted by the on-prem DC, and also to the resources trusted by Azure AD.

For older clients, it depends. If you have ADFS, you will get full SSO for all on-prem and cloud resources. If you don't, you will have to log in to AD and then to AAD.

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