My collegue's shared a contact group with me so I can cover one of his jobs whilst he's on leave. I need to send an email to the people in this group. How can I do this? I can see the group and its members here but nothing I can see lets me send an email to them:

enter image description here

I've tried moving and copying the group into my Contacts folder, but always get one of the following two errors:

The attempted operation failed. An object could not be bound.


You do not have permissions to move items in this folder. To check your permissions ... etc

When creating a new email, the shared group does not seem to appear anywhere in the address book.


The problem is the "Current View" in the Outlook ribbon. Your picture shows you are in People view. Change People view to List view and the Communicate section will expand to include an E-mail button. That E-mail button will let you compose an e-mail to any highlight people at once, with a single click. Thanks for including the pic--it made it easy to see what was going on! :)

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