I have a samsung syncmaster 2233SW which i bought second hand a few years back. The monitor was damaged so i took it to a repair shop which disabled the buttons on the side. Now that shop's closed so i can't consult them anymore.

Is there any way for me to change the source of the content from VGA to DVI without OSD? I already tried magictune.

  • Have you disconnected the VGA cable? Is the cable you have DVI-D or DVI-I (i.e. not DVI-A). Is your graphics card output enabled and set to 1920x1080? If you've not seen the manual then it is on the samsung site. – albal Aug 25 '15 at 11:29

By default the fourth button from the top on the right-hand edge (the "Customize" button) will change between Analog and Digital via a short single press (unless it's been customised to do something else!) There is a minor lag - be patient if you don't get an instant change. Five seconds should be plenty.

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