I'm trying to run SlimerJS in headless mode so that it does not open a visible browser window on Mac OSX.

According to the SlimerJS docs, this can be done using xvfb which is "available on Linux and MacOS", using the command:

>> xvfb-run ./slimerjs myscript.js.

Although OSX comes with bundled with xvfb, it does not have the corresponding xvfb-run script.

How can I get the same functionality using the OSX xvfb version?


You can try something like the following (works for me with running my python test cases):

$ Xvfb :1337 & export DISPLAY=:1337 & ./slimerjs myscript.js.
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    Will be good if you can provide some explanation of what this command will do. – VL-80 Aug 26 '15 at 20:57
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    Not an xvfb expert, but Xvfb :1337 starts an "x-window virtual frame buffer" (xvfb), which will pretend to be a window server, but will not write anything to a screen) listening on port 1337; export DISPLAY=:1337 sets the DISPLAY env variable to that same port number - so X applications send their screen commands to that port; ./slimerjs mysript.js calls the application, which will believe to be writing on the screen, running headless as we want. – chesterbr May 5 '16 at 19:34
  • (it could be any port, but @mweppler seems to be a leet person :-) ) – chesterbr May 5 '16 at 19:36
  • I think xvfb-run also kills the Xvfb process after running the process, maybe a killall xvfb at the end would be helpful ? – keisar Jan 27 '17 at 10:33

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