Is there any way to restart all core/user processes and free-up unused and cached memory thereby simulating a Reboot except that it is way faster and easier.

I know the way to -Simulate a Reboot to take some effects after some change in settings can be done by restarting "Explorer" process in Task manager

What I need is a way to restart processes without hard-rebooting to free-up some RAM-memory

On Android smartphones, there's an app called Fast Reboot which does pretty good work.

Are there any softwares or can it be done without any? using powershell/cmd?

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    Logging out will restart a lot of processes (not as much as a soft reboot on Android does) and stop some services, but it will clean up a lot of stuff. Have you tried that yet? – Caleb Xu Aug 26 '15 at 3:04

If all you need is a memory optimiser then there are plenty of them for windows but I personally don't think they make a difference in performance of the system.
Some of them are given below
One : RAMRush
Two : Clean Ram
Three : RAMBooster

There is a fairly easy way to do in Mac OS X computers.
Type "purge" and run in terminal. It'll run for couple of minutes and is cleaned.

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