I opened a command window and typed dir *.docx at the prompt. The command did not find any files. However, I have 3 Microsoft word files in My Documents.

This confuses me. I tried other experiments with analyzing word files through the command prompt, and the system doesn't acknowledge them.


Try dir *.doc*. Also make sure that your command prompt is looking in the correct folder. Remember that it does not look in sub folders.

  • And if this still doesn't yield any results, just type dir to see all files. It usually tells you if you are in the right folder or not. dir /p can be used to give you a prompt when the output exceeds the height of the page, so you can see everything.
    – LPChip
    Aug 27 '15 at 6:57

Check to make sure the files are visible?

cd /D "%UserProfile%\Documents"
attrib /s *.docx

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