I currently have a set of MKV files with subtitles all offset with a delay of one second. I figured out that you can use File -> Convert/Save in VLC to save the video with command line options.

The particular option I am using is subsdelay-mode and subsdelay-factor using the following steps:

  1. Open VLC
  2. Media -> Convert/Save
  3. File Selection -> Add...
  4. Select video file
  5. Check "Show more options"
  6. Write in "Edit Options" -> ":file-caching=300:subsdelay-mode=0:subsdelay-factor=-1.0"
  7. Click "Convert/Save"
  8. Settings -> Check "Dump raw input" (keeps from changing the output(.mkv) format)

That should be all of the appropriate steps for loading up my video, offsetting the subtitles with a hastening(negative delay) of 1 second. However, this doesn't work. Where did I go wrong?

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I think, the problem is that Dump raw input means to use the input (including the subtitles) without any change, so the subsdelay--factor doesn't do anything.

VLC isn't the right program for this job. You should use a demuxer/muxer to change the subtitle-stream.

demux the mkv-file -> you get the subtitle-stream
edit the stream with your custom delay
remux the mkv-file with the new subtitle-stream

mkvtoolnix should be able to do this

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