I want to trigger my script every time my Gpodder program downloads an MP3.


I would modularize the script for this. So you could have your main script run in a loop (code below) to check for a .mp3 file in a directory you have set "Gpodder" to download to, and then fire another .ahk file with the script you have in mind.

The following script will check every 60 seconds in F:\Directory\Path\to\Gpodder\Downloads\ for any .mp3 file (note the wildcard). When one is found, it will run the script at F:\Path\to\Second_Script.ahk

Loop, F:\Directory\Path\to\Gpodder\Downloads\*.mp3
Run, F:\Path\to\Second_Script.ahk
Sleep, 5000 ; Sleep 60 seconds
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