As title say, I currently using Windows 10, several days ago i had no problem with browsing these websites but recently suddenly all of em are blocked, i still can access certain website like tomsguide.com for http and google and facebook for https. but i can't access others that i try example when i open gamespot.com or this website it fails with ERR_CONNECTION_ERROR from my chrome.

I already try everything in the list but no result.

  • Restarting wireless modem.
  • Disable Windows Firewall.
  • Troubleshoot network connection.
  • Flush DNS
  • Resetting network settings.
  • Ping websites and get fail result.
  • Using other device with same wireless connection get an OK result.
  • Updating all adapter to up to date.

here where tracert fails. (P.S: i can access all of those from VPN software or Zenmate plugin, i once had same issues but i able to system recovery that on my windows 8. This windows 10 seems deleting all my system recovery so i can't do it anymore.)

enter image description here

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