I realized I asked about excel 2010, but that only covers Windows OS. How can I use the Personal Macro Workbook in Excel 2011 on OSX?


The first Microsoft KB that shows up for the Personal Macro Workbook in OSX erroneously lists the location of the workbook as:

Hard disk drive:Applications:Microsoft Office version:Office:Startup:Excel:Personal Macro Workbook

In OSX Yosemite (10.10), the location of the Personal Macro Workbook is different. Starting at /home/ or /Users/$username:

`~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Office/Excel/Personal Macro Workbook.xlsb`

The easiest way to create this is to record a dummy macro. In excel, you first need to ensure the Developer tab is enabled by going to Excel → Preferences → Sharing and Privacy → Ribbon → Customize and in the Show or Hide Tabs area, make sure the Developer checkbox is checked:

enter image description here

Once this is enabled, you'll see the Developer Tab on the ribbon:

enter image description here

Now, hit the record button and choose to store the macro in Personal Macro Workbook:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Once you click OK, click the record button again to stop recording:

enter image description here

Now, you'll see the Personal Macro Workbook Module in the Visual Basic Editor's Project Pane:

enter image description here

To save, exit excel and choose to save changes:

enter image description here

Now, you'll have the Personal Macro Workbook available to you anytime you use excel. You can create and save frequently used macros so they are easily available, or you could even rename a workbook you already have that has a bunch of macros and replace the one you just created.

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