I once activated local administrator account with net user. When trying to go back to windows 8 it refused because it said administrator account had been created. So I use net user again to deactivate local admin account (/activate:no) which executed successfully. Still it still refuses to go back.

Why, What can I do ?


Administrator account prevents Windows 10 rollback

Use one of the solutions below and then try again to rollback.

Solution 1

  1. Press Windows+R, type sysdm.cpl andpress Enter.

  2. Click on "Advanced" tab.

  3. Click on "Settings" under the "User Profiles" section.

  4. On the "User Profiles" dialog select the <COMPUTER NAME>\Administrator account and click on "Delete".

  5. Confirm the delete.


The above steps will also delete all data associated with the built-in Administrator account – please ensure data associated with the built-in Admin is backed up prior to performing the steps.

Source Roll Back of Windows 10

Solution 2

Please go to the registry editor and do the following steps:

  1. Click Windows+R, to open run command. Type "regedit" and click enter.

  2. Create a back of the registry. Click on Hkey and go to the File Tab, press Export and save it to your desired your location.

  3. Go to the provided path HKey_LocalMachine\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.

  4. In the profile list you will find a few SID's please find the one related to the deleted user account and delete it.

To know which sid is related to the User Account you wish to delete just go to a particular S-1-5 series and on the right side look for ProfileImagePath, you will notice c:/users/User_Account_Name.

Source Go back to Windows 7 with User account issue

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