I have Windows 10 in English, but the Left-to-Right isn't so comfortable for me. How can I switch to Right-to-Left but stay with the English language as the main display language of the system?


If you're using a word processor such as MS Word or LibreOffice, you can define a block of text or a whole document as right-to-left, and change the keyboard layout for that section as well. For example, to use Arabic, Farsi or Hebrew in LibreOffice, see How to setup LibreOffice for Arabic and Persian? and Edit Hebrew with LibreOffice.

This will not help with text entry in CMD, browsers etc., though.


Add a keyboard layout (in Regional settings).

Settings - Time and Language - Region and Language - Add a language.

This does not change the UI language, only offers you more languages (including left to right languages) to use in applications (such as MS Word).


I've been employing the following method for years:

Reversed Taskbar, Reversed Explorer Window

Using Microsoft Locale Editor, I took my current locale and edited one setting (enabling RTL for that locale). Then, export your new locale to an .msi installer and run it. Afterwards, restart File Explorer.

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