My data looks like this:

a 1 2 
b 1 2
c 1 2

I want to reorganise it so it looks like this:

a 1
a 2 
b 1
b 2
c 1
c 2
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    More likely due to the fact that you didn't try anything yourself - this isn't a "question", it plainly is a request for someone to write a macro for you. – Hannu Sep 1 '15 at 10:08

Please note that this is typed from memory, and NOT tested (I do not have access to Excel currently); you might need to THINK and adapt!

Recording a Macro:

  • Place the selection on the cell containing a
  • Find 'Record a macro', close to it you see "Use relative references"; make the option be active.
  • Start recording the macro.
  • Select a shortcut key for the macro (e.g. SHIFT+CTRL+Q)
  • Now do the actions required to move about the cells and their content, for the FIRST line (keyboard use preferred!)
  • Make sure to END the recording with the cursor on top of b

From now on, the shortcut key repeats the same actions for the line the cursor is on.

Additionally, how to modify the macro to repeat for non-empty lines:

Alt+F8 shows a list of the available macros, where you can select to edit the macro you created above.

If you EDIT a cell WHILE recording the macro you will get a statement in the macro that reads similar to:


... this is easily changed into

if ActiveCell.value<>"" then goto Repeat

which of course belongs at the end of the macro code, just before "end sub".

Then add a line Repeat: at the top, as a marker for where to restart for repeats
(that is a "label", look it up in the help for "goto" if I goofed here).

If you have done the above correctly, the macro will repeat for all lines that has something in the cell where it "ends"

Happy transposing!

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