In a terminal, are there any shortcuts to jump to a previous/next prompt? Scrolling up and trying to find the start of a log slows down my workflow.

I'm using iTerm on OSX, but this should be applicable to any Unix terminals. A solution in Tmux would help as well.


Newest iTerm2 beta has a "shell integration" feature which offers such shortcut keys.

If you've installed it successfully, you see a small arrow in front of the prompts. Press Cmd + Shift + Up/Down to jump to the previous/next one. See the documentation for more cool stuff.

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    Any idea how to set it up with this feature? I've installed shell integration, but not sure what to do after that. – domi91c Sep 22 '15 at 2:45
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    If you've install it successfully, you see a small arrow in front of the prompts. Press Cmd+Shift+Up/Down to jump to the prev/next one. See iterm2.com/shell_integration.html for further cool stuff. – egmont Sep 22 '15 at 8:01

"history" piped to "grep" gives you past inputs without the output. But you then have to copy and paste to use it. Once you've reused something this way, up-arrow for previous, works.


In tmux, you can enter copy-mode (bound to [ by default). From there you can do a reverse search with Ctrl-r in emacs-mode or ? in vi-mode. Tmux will ask you for a search term. If your prompt has a unique string to search for, it should be pretty easy to find. While still in copy-mode, you can use n to repeat the search.

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