You can find files older than this week using

datemodified:< this week


datemodified:< 7 days

does not seem to work.


How to find files older than x days on Windows

datemodified:< 7 days

doesn't seem to work.

When referring to relative date 'values' using the < or > the value cannot be any of the keyword values related to dates (listed below). It must be a value using the format dd/mm/yy (or whatever format is specified in the "Region and Language" settings.

To find files older than x days, use the following:

datemodified:< dd/mm/yy

where dd/mm/yy is x days before the current (today's) date.


  • When entering dates use the date format which matches the "Control Panel" > "Region and Language" settings.

  • There is one exception to this, years should always be entered as 4 digits.

Searching using filters

Here are examples of the supported date related filters

Criteria                                Syntax/Example
Date created (exact date)               datecreated:8/2/2012
Date created (range)                    datecreated:8/2/2012..8/3/2012
Date created (before)                   datecreated:<8/2/2012
Date created (after)                    datecreated:>8/2/2012
Date created prior to the current year  datecreated:a long time ago
Date created within the current year    datecreated:earlier this year
Date created within the current month   datecreated:earlier this month
Date created within the current week    datecreated:earlier this week
Date created yesterday                  datecreated:yesterday
Date created today                      datecreated:today
Date modified (exact date)              datemodified:8/2/2012
Date modified (range)                   datemodified:8/2/2012..8/3/2012
Date modified (before)                  datemodified:<8/2/2012
Date modified (after)                   datemodified:>8/2/2012
Date modified prior to the current year datemodified:a long time ago
Date modified within the current year   datemodified:earlier this year
Date modified within the current month  datemodified:earlier this month
Date modified within the current week   datemodified:earlier this week
Date modified yesterday                 datemodified:yesterday
Date modified today                     datemodified:today

Source Windows 7 search explained

Keyword values related to dates

The following keywords can be user when referring to dates.

Relative dates: Today, tomorrow, yesterday

Multi-word relative dates: week, next month, last week, past month, or coming year.

The values can also be entered contracted, as follows: thisweek, nextmonth, lastweek, pastmonth, comingyear.

Days: Sunday, Monday ... Saturday

Months: January, February ... December

Source Using Advanced Query Syntax To Find Files in Windows 7

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