I've created a smart playlist under iTunes (for video podcasts) I've done this for another library (I hold down the shift key when starting iTunes to specify the library).

When I sync the iPod Video, the playlist does not get copied over. I have tried both automatic sync and manual sync. Under manual sync, I've tried to drag the playlist over, without success.

Is this behavior due to using an alternate library? I have had no such problems in the past when I have used the main library.

I am using Windows XP.


I have just discovered (through a search on iLounge) that my "copying playlist" problem has nothing to do with libraries and everything to do with iTunes 9.

From the response of JBridges to this thread comes the following:

On the Podcast tab:

  1. Leave 'Sync Podcasts: checked
  2. UNCHECK 'Automatically include...'
  3. Check the appropriate playlists in 'Include Episodes from Playlists'

I've tried this suggestion with audio podcasts on my iPod Touch with success.

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