I have a MS Access database with three tables:

Foods (Id, Food_Name, Food_Desc)
Ingredients (Id, Ingredient_Name)
IngredientsFoods_mm (Id, Id_FoodsFK, Id_IngredientsFK)

...in a many-to-many relationship, where IngredientsFoods_mm is the table that links the other two.

Now, I made a form with a subform to assign ingredients to foods. In the main form there are the Food_Name and Food_Desc fields and in the subform there is the Ingredient_Name field (a combo box). Seems to work well, but the problem is that when I enter an ingredient that is already in the Ingredients table, instead of assign the appropriate record, it creates a duplicate record.

I tried to avoid this by setting an index without duplicates in the Ingredient_Name field, but then Access tells me that that would create an integrity error.

The question is, how can I avoid the creation of duplicate records in the Ingredients table when entering info from the subform?


I think your problem is that you are trying to insert into Ingredients table when you are supposed to Insert the relationship between Foods.Id and Ingredients.Id through the IngredientsFoods_mm table.

Make sure your relationships are well defined and that the IngredientsFoods_mm's Primary Key is formed from both Id_FoodsFK and Id_IngredientsFK.

In here is the explanation of relationships in access. It covers up how to make up a correct many-to-many Relationship model. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/304466

  • I do think that the relationship are well defined and the PK in the Id_IngredientsFK is already formed by the Id_FoodsFK and Id_IngredientsFK (I've already read the link you provided and yep, the DB have that same structure). The thing is that there are already some records in the Ingredients table, but I wanna assign them to or create new records and link them to the Foods table. – Kureno Sep 8 '15 at 5:06

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