I have a laptop (ubuntu 14.04) connected to my stereo, acting as a pulseaudio server. If I just boot that laptop, I can play sound from other laptops with no problem. But if I then log into my gnome desktop, the playback stops. I can play music on the gnome desktop now, but the previously running music is stopped. How can I configure the pulseaudio server to keep running even after logging in?

I tried to run it in daemon mode

#grep daemonize /etc/pulse/daemon.conf
daemonize = yes

and also tried to disable

chmod -x /usr/bin/start-pulseaudio-x11

with no luck.

Any ideas?


The simplest thing is to have no pulseaudio at all as an individual user. To do that,

    mkdir $HOME/.pulse
    cp /etc/pulse/client.conf $HOME/.pulse

and now, in the file just created, change




Log out, log back in, it should be fine. If it is not, reboot.

For any problem with the cumbersome pulse-audio, I suggest you read the ever informative Arch Linux wiki entry.

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  • This sounds like a good idea, unfortunatly is did not work. I did as instructed, rebooted, but when I log in, the audio stops. – Isaac Sep 11 '15 at 18:28

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