A few weeks ago, I removed and re-installed the Hangouts extension for Google Chrome, and ever since, I have been unable to sign back in. Whenever I press the blue sign-in button in the extension's view tab, I am redirected to a Google sign-in page, but after signing in, I am redirected back to the blue sign-in button in the extension's view tab (???). The following attempted solutions do not work:

Note that this is a personal--not a Google Apps for Business--account.

Thanks in advance for your help.


After a little more tinkering in the Chrome settings GUI, I figured out that the issue was caused by the fact that I block all third-party cookies in my browser (I had assumed that this setting wouldn't apply to Google-made apps like Hangouts). To solve the problem, I went to Settings > Advanced Settings > Manage Content > Manage Cookie Exceptions then added hangouts.google.com and talkgadget.google.com to the exceptions list.

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