My windows has 4 input languages, I have set the administrator password in a language other than English (the default language). Now I'm not able to login to my account as I'm not able to change the input language in login screen. I'm opening 'On Screen Keyboard' and I'm pressing Alt+Shift keys but the input language doesn't change. How should I change the input language in the login screen?

All answers I found including what jet offered as duplicate (Change Windows 7/8/10 system language - welcome screen, login, etc) is involved accessing control panel and changing some settings while I'm stuck in login screen and can't move any forward


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If you are using windows 7 then you can see language bar on top left side of login screen and you can select language from there, this thing can only be happen if language bar is active from control panel.


I was not able to enter password (that I knew) because the the password was in another language and I wasn't able to change the input language. I finally ended up changing my password form another PC, using this program:


There were lots of programs but this one worked like a charm.

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