I'm struggling to configure under OSX Yosemite a Logitech K270 wireless keyboard to behave the same as it would do under Windows. The keyboard is paired to a mid 2015 15" MacBook Pro.

What I desperately need:

  1. Insert, Home, PageUp, Delete, End, PageDown (upper-mid section). These buttons should work EXACTLY as they do under Windows.

  2. When NumLock is off, Home, PageUp, End, PageDown, Ins, Del and the arrow keys on the numeric keypad should work EXACTLY as they do under Windows.

  3. Alt-shift MUST change keyboard layout (I frequently change between US and Hungarian).

I tried Karabiner but the functionality is erratic and highly dependent on the software I use. I need a consistent solution working across programs, irrespective whether these are local, remote or under a virtual machine.

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