I allowed Windows 10 update on my Windows 7.

Later I wanted to stop this update.

Right now I have Windows 7 as desired, but I guess, that win10 update is on my drive, because I have got 10gb of free space, and now 4 gb.

Where can I find downloaded files of Windows 10 update, and delete them?


I propose to look in the %temp% directory.
Else you can use a program called WinDirStat to look for the files that are taking the missing space.

WinDirStat can be downloaded here, and it is free software published under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

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    @CharlieRB I don't know the program WinDirStat, but maybe it is able in a general case to search for and find the files that are using the missing space... and I cannot know which files are (and where they are) on the OP computer... – Hastur Sep 16 '15 at 12:22
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enable view hidden files and protected system file in folder and search option> View tab > in organize drop down menu of windows explorer. check the size of these folders



these folder holds the installation media for winodws 10 upgrade. you can safely delete them.

Revert your folder and search option changes after this.

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