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Here is everything straight.

  1. My OS is 32-bit Window 7 Home Basic.
  2. My processor is Intel Pentium P6200, which is 64-bit capable.
  3. I have VirtualBox 5.0.4 installed.
  4. I have the ISO file of Ubuntu 14.04.3 LST, downloaded via torrent.
  5. Intel Virtualization Technology is enabled in the BIOS (there it says 'Intel Virtual Technology').
  6. The I/o APIC is on too.
  7. My laptop is Lenovo G560

But the New Virtual Machine window doesn't give a 64-bit option for any OS of any company. Don't start telling me to go to Settings then System then Acceleration because it is greyed out. I don't have Hyper-V (I at least don't have seen anything with that name). Where exactly is the problem? Is it the BIOS? Is it the host OS being 32-bit? Thanks in advance.

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  • @duDE He has windows 7 64-bit, I have 32-bit. I have latest BIOS. And everyone is going on and on about Hyper-V, which I don't have. – Varad Mahashabde Sep 16 '15 at 12:46
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    The host OS doesn't matter, can be 32 or 64 bit. I would take a look at fixedbyvonnie.com/2014/11/…, it's a good one :) – duDE Sep 16 '15 at 12:50
  • @duDE Thanks, but i have been there already. As I said everyone is going about hyper-v which I don't have.Plus, it doesn't feel funny when it doesn't solve your problem. – Varad Mahashabde Sep 16 '15 at 13:00
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    Your hardware ( i.e. the processor ) does not support running a 64-bit operating system because it does not have support for the required x86 extensions that make that possible. As per the answer to the duplicate question. You need to enable VT-d and Intel Visualization Technology and your processor does not support VT-d per the specification document provided by Intel. – Ramhound Sep 16 '15 at 13:46
  • @Ramhound Windows Experience Index's Assessment chart says that my computer is 64-bit capable. It's not like I don't trust you, but please send me a link to the documentation you are talking about. Plus, aren't Vt-d and Intel Virtualization Technology the same. – Varad Mahashabde Sep 16 '15 at 17:54