ALSA always creates 1 MIDI through port. Since I work with Windows music applications via Wine, and because MIDI through ports are everything-proof, how can I increase the amount of MIDI through ports created by ALSA?

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$ modinfo snd-seq-dummy
description:    ALSA sequencer MIDI-through client
parm:           ports:number of ports to be created (int)

Adding midi through ports:

  1. Install missing alsa components:
    • sudo apt-get install alsa-oss
    • sudo apt-get install (alsa missing components if it nessessary)
  2. run text editor as administrator:
    • sudo kate (or sudo gedit or sudo somethingtexteditor)
  3. In text editor type line:
    options snd-seq-dummy ports=16 (ports=as many as you want)
  4. Save the text file to /etc/modprobe.d/Nameyoulike.conf
  5. Close text editor
  6. Reboot

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