I am using Beyond Compare 4 to compare two folders. One folder contains the actual output from a script I wrote and the other one contains the expected output.

The thing is that those two folders contain a bunch of .chm (a type of archive) files and I have to click on each file every time to compare their contents.

I found this article describing that you have to open the archives files to compare their contents.

Is there a way to automatically do that?

  • From a command line run hh.exe -decompile {output directory name} {file name}.chm. Replace {...} with appropriate names. – DavidPostill Sep 18 '15 at 9:42

The answer is on the site you mentioned already:

Archive handling (e.g. zip files)

As folders always treats archive files like regular folders.

This way will Beyond Compare always automatically unpack archives before comparison.

Don't forget to change it in session defaults (select Also update session defaults in checkbox at the bottom of dialog) so that it will be applied also next time you will do comparison.

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