I'm writing a pre-rebase hook for Git using bash script and I need to convert a string to lowerCase or UperCase. I tried some methods doumented in Bash reference


 echo ${myString,,}

and this is the result: ${myString,}: bad substitution

Can you please help me to find a way to do this?

  • Works here (Ubuntu 14.04, GNU bash, Version 4.3.11(1) ) - what's your bash version? – Eugen Rieck Sep 18 '15 at 9:47
  • Use tr. Example $ echo "Hello World" | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]" – DavidPostill Sep 18 '15 at 9:47

The Bash reference you mention is for Bash version 4.3. String substitutions are not supported in 3.1.

You can use tr like this:

echo $(tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'<<<${myString})

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