I was looking into how to open up Google Chrome through the terminal on Fedora 22, and I found two executable files that both seem to launch Google Chrome; chrome and google-chrome.

  • /opt/google/chrome/chrome
  • /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome

Is there a functional difference between the two files?


While they are both executable /opt/google/chrome/chrome is the actual binary and /opt/google/chome/google-chrome is a wrapper for the binary that you could use to alter some options for Chrome.


I don't have a fedora machine here, so I can't test that.

First: Did you add a repo or how did you install Chrome on Fedora? Make sure you do not actually have to Chromes installed.

Then: look at both executables. Chances are, one of them is a symlink or just a bash script to launch the other.

Also see what gets launched when you launch from terminal: which chrome

Also you might wanna look at the .desktop files of google chrome in: /usr/share/applications, specifically the Exec part.

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