I would like to print a document with page numbers at the bottom. What is the easiest way to do this in OpenOffice.org Writer?


From OpenOffice Wiki:

Inserting a header

In OOo, headers are specified by page styles.

  1. Open the Page Style dialog box for the desired page style (right-click > Modify).
  2. Select the Header tab.
  3. Under Header, check Header on and click OK.

Simple page numbering

The simplest case is to have the page number at the top of every page and nothing more. To do this, put the cursor on the header and select:

Insert > Fields > Page Number.

More complex variations

There are a lot of interesting variations that you can apply without further knowledge of page styles. Here are some suggestions:

  • Right-align the header to make the page number appear on the top-right:
  • Place the cursor in the header.
  • Click the Align Right icon (or right-click anywhere in the header and select Alignment > Right).
  • Add (type) the word page so the header reads page 1, page 2, and so on. This also requires using the Page Number field.
  • Add the document title so the header reads, for example: Joe's favourite poems, left justified, and page x with right justification, where x is the value of the Page Number field. Consider using a tab to separate the title from the page number.
  • OOo also has a Page Count field (Insert > Fields > Page Count). Using it, you could, for example, have a header that reads page 2 of 12.

Have a look at this thread.

It basically says that you have to activate the footer or header (in the page style properties) to tell OpenOffice where it has to put the page number.

I can't verify this at the moment as I am at work, however it's worth a try!

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