New storage devices like hard disks are being made using the "new" IDMEA advanced format of physical 4KB sectors, but what is the largest page size SSD comes in?

Looking around I could only find 4KB as the largest (512KB *logically). (see below)

SSD layout In contrast to the hard disk, a SSD consists of semiconductor memory building blocks, it contains no mechanical parts. The smallest unit of an SSD is a page, which is composed of several memory cells, and is usually 4 KB in size. Several pages on the SSD are summarized to a block. A block is the smallest unit of access on a SSD. Currently, 128 pages are mostly combined into one block; therefore, a block contains 512 KB.

Is there any manufacture making larger physical page sizes or block sizes for SSDs?


Yes, there are SSDs with 8K or even 16K pages.

Coding for SSDs – Pages, Blocks, and the Flash Translation Layer - Code Capsule says though that it isn't practical to ram it up just for the heck of it:

  • as page size grows, so does write amplification (the term's also explained on the link)
  • NAND memory is rather slow by itself; striping and streamlining is needed to compensate. Larger read granularity makes this harder.

Thus, they apparently balance it to keep the number of pages/blocks/etc manageable for very large SSDs (the 1st linked article talks about 480GB and 960GB(!) ones).

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