I am working within a network share mapped to a drive letter and every time I save a file, it navigates back to the parent folder. Specifically, I am working with Microsoft Publisher files. This is rather irritating. As soon as I save a file within Publisher, the opened folder in File Explorer jumps to the parent folder causing me to have to double-click the folder again to access the files.

It's similar to this question: When browsing a specific network share remotely, Windows Explorer continuously jumps back to the parent folder

Except it does not recursively navigate to the parent; it only does this once, and it does it precisely when I save a file.


This is a bug more people seem to have. I solved it by deactivating the automatic colour in the Personalization Settings and also the Wallpaper Slideshow. Both of them seem to cause the explorer to do a kind of refresh, which throws you back to the top of the list or even to the parent folder.

I found this solution here: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-networking/win10-file-explorer-jumps-to-top-of-folder/5ade28a8-002e-4cf8-8a66-f082235b7260?page=1

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