When printing a multi-page document I can print four pages to a single sheet of paper. It prints, for example, pages 1-4 on one sheet and pages 5-8 on the next sheet. I have a one page LibreOffice document. How do I print eight copies to just two sheets of paper?


As long as I know how these printers work, we can have two solutions, I think.

  1. when printing the document, instead of just print, use the print dialog and choose pages to print, you type 1,1,1,1 so it'll print 4 times the page one.
  2. Repeat in the document the first page (at least 4 times, or 8 times if you want to print it at one).
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    Slaps head for not even thinking of 1,1,1,1! – CW Holeman II Sep 25 '15 at 23:37

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