I cannot get the INDIRECT Excel function to reference a cell from another worksheet.

I've tried many variations of the following formula but always get an error

=INDIRECT("'Form Responses 1'!""C"&D13)


=INDIRECT("'"Form Responses 1'"!""C"&D13)

I'm trying to get data from Column C on Worksheet 'Form Responses 1' – with Row variable in cell D13 [I can put the cell D13 (row variable) on either worksheet which ever is more convenient for the formula] to my destination Worksheet (into cell C2 on the destination worksheet) I put the formula above in C2 on my destination worksheet.

I can write formulas for INDIRECT function that work on the same worksheet and formulas for moving a cell from one worksheet to another but cannot get INDIRECT function to work from one worksheet to another with the variable row.


Your first try is close, but it has some extraneous quotes:

=INDIRECT("'Form Responses 1'!""C"&D13)

You should do this:

=INDIRECT("'Form Responses 1'!C"&D13)

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