Note: the term “kicked out” here refers to being kicked out of the meeting due to some technical problem (e.g. loss of network connectivity, Skype crash, and so on).

Update: When this happens sometimes the entire meeting window disappears and no "Rejoin" button is presented to the user. This question is for these cases when the "Rejoin" button is missing.

Note: This question is also about a specific subset of Skype for Business meetings. In this case, meetings attended in a scenario where the user was pulled to the meeting directly (meaning user did not receive e.g. Calendar invite with a link to the meeting).

In this scenario, is there a way to find the URL of the Skype meeting that the user was kicked out of?

  • Don't you get somewhere the message of "You've left the call" with a "Rejoin" button? – harrymc Sep 29 '15 at 19:01
  • @harrymc thank you for your comment. I have seen that "Rejoin" button when I leave a Skype meeting on my own, but there have been a handful of cases (we use Skype quite a lot at my employer) where I have gotten kicked out so completely that Skype does not show that button. So with this question I wanted to find out about other ways to determine what the meeting URL is. – user100487 Oct 3 '15 at 15:53

The Skype chat commands list mentions this command :

/get uri - Skype 4: Gets the URI link for this public chat which can then be sent to contacts or embedded in webpages.

Not using Skype, I cannot test if this command is what you want, or whether it must only be entered before the disconnection.

For more qualified answers, you could post the question in the Skype Community.

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    Even if it's before disconnection, it would at least provide the information in case it's needed. – Andrew Leach Oct 3 '15 at 21:02

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