To enhance privacy and protect myself against fonts fingerprinting in Firefox, I have set in about:config: browser.display.use_documents_fonts = 0. This setting is meant to disable websites' ability to detect installed fonts.

With JavaScript enabled, I can test which fonts are visible at Browserleaks. When this setting is 1, nearly 200 fonts are detected in the category CSS+JS Quick Test. In the past, setting to 0 would show 0 Font detected. Now I have a new computer; even when browser.display.use_documents_fonts = 0, there are still 5 fonts detected. These are the MingLiU fonts.

Browserleaks detects MingLiU fonts even with protection turned ON

I can find these fonts in C:\Windows\Fonts along with many other fonts. I have tried restarting Firefox with a completely fresh profile (no extensions or plugins, or other customization) and I observe the same behavior. I am running Firefox 41 on Windows 7 x64

My question is simple: why are these fonts still showing up when browser.display.use_documents_fonts = 0? How can I prevent that from happening? I hope to find something short of deleting the fonts because I don't know whether an application needs them.

  • I didn't get any help here. After a while I decided to delete the fonts. Windows refused with an error message to the effect that they are protected system fonts and cannot be deleted. I followed the first 4 steps from this wikihow.com article and successfully deleted them. – BeetleJuice Oct 13 '15 at 12:06

I see that I am late with my answer as you already uninstalled those fonts from your system. If you decide to reinstall those fonts you can prevent their enumeration by doing the following:

Go to about:config. Search for font.blacklist.underline_offset Select it and right click to modify. Delete MingLiU,MingLiU-ExtB,MingLiU_HKSCS,MingLiU-HKSCS-ExtB and PMingLiU,PMingLiU-ExtB Make sure to remove extra comas as well. Click ok Restart Firefox. Go to browserleaks.com and check that they are not enumerated anymore.

  • I can't verify this anymore since I no longer have the fonts but I appreciate you taking the time to answer. – BeetleJuice Oct 26 '15 at 8:20

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