That's it. "How do I search my browser history in Microsoft Edge?"

I have searched Microsoft support and community pages but I still don't know.

  • I wonder if somewhat "standard" Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcuts do not work for Edge :)
    – user373230
    Nov 7 '16 at 13:04

This is not a high speed answer, but was the only one available in 2017. The steps to search edge history are as follows:

  1. Please follow the link to https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/apps_windows_10-msedge/how-can-i-search-my-browsing-history-in-ms-edge/6ee108b7-d77f-4476-971e-a969231f0d3e , sign in with your MS id, and click the 'Me too' button under the question.
  2. Open Windows 10 Feedback hub (press windows button; type feedback hub); and type "edge search history" into the search box. Click on the small word 'Upvote' on the first 5 or 10 issues you find which state the problem concisely and politely.

  3. Wait about 3-36 months. You may find this step irritating.

You should then find that steps 4-5 work:

  1. Browse to https://www.bing.com/search?q=ms+edge+new+features+search+history+-site%3Asuperuser.com
  2. Follow the instructions in the first link.

You can get some relief during step 3. by:

  1. Install FireFox
  2. Open "Show All Bookmarks" -> Import and Backup -> Import Data from another Browser -> MS Edge
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    12 months later. No dice. Also, step 4 sends me back to this page so I'm stuck in a loop. Mar 28 '18 at 15:45
  • :-( I fixed the infinite recursion in the step 4 link though. Oct 25 '18 at 17:38
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    seriously this UPDATED super browser doesn't have a search for history, a stupid simple thing to program, and expects the user to browse through mountains of history to find what might be a single thing!!!!!!! And it's now 2020 and I still don't find any search, did i miss and update? May 19 '20 at 18:25
  • it's a joke, I didn't want to install any additional browser not to pollute my machine with additional software, but come on... Even IE11 allowed you to search history
    – Antoni4
    May 30 '20 at 16:26

If you open Explorer 11 at the same time as MS Edge is open, then you will find your browsing history and also the "Search" function that you used to see.


Revisiting my question with an update. I have not found an answer and I guess it isn't possible.

However, you can view your history and clear your browsing history.
See these Microsoft Support pages

To view your browsing history, select Hub > History.

From that page you can:

  1. Select Clear all history. Choose the types of data or files you want to remove from your PC
  2. then select Clear.

Edited: As I thought I had an answer, but this doesn't really answer my original question.

  • 1
    This is a serious question. Your original question asked how to search the history, this answer, explains how to clear it. Are you saying you can search within Hub->History?
    – Ramhound
    Aug 16 '16 at 11:16
  • It looks like I misunderstood my original question today when I revisited it. It looks like I can display and clear my history but not search through it.
    – Dizzley
    Aug 16 '16 at 14:08
  • You should modify your answer so it answers your question.
    – Ramhound
    Aug 16 '16 at 15:39
  • If I had a useful answer, I would update it. The best I can say is that I have not found an answer - it is worth knowing this. I will remove distracting info in my answer.
    – Dizzley
    Aug 19 '16 at 15:20

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