I have a 1TB hard drive which is mostly empty. I've shrunk the partition in Windows Disk Management by about 200GB which I want to use for my Linux Mint installation. The installer looks like this:

enter image description here

If I click Install Now will that take care of the installation for me? I read people mentioning using LVM and other things to create swap space and things so I'm not sure.


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No It won't handle the installation. Here's what you need to do, first create a swap volume and the size should be about the size of your RAM. I just read that having the swap space twice the RAM is a old school rule, back in the days when things don't function so well.

  1. Create Swap space
  2. Create ext3/ext4 partition and choose / underMount location
  3. Create another ext3/ext4 partition and choose /home as Mount Location (Optional)

Reason for home : If there is something wrong with your os, you can relax knowing that you saved that 4000 words essay inside home directory

And press install while selecting the root partition.

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