I'm using KDE 4.14. on Fedora 20 (sorry, it's not my choice). Now, when I use Alt+Tab, I get the task switcher. Keeping the Alt down, I can select a task using Tab keypresses to scroll right. But coming from Windows, I'm used to beingl able to use both Tab and Shift+Tab in this state to scroll left and right - and my KDE doesn't seem to allow this: Shift+Tab scrolls to the right as well.

I suspect this might have something to do with my keyboard layout:

I'm also using a dual-language keyboard layout:

xkb_keymap {
        xkb_keycodes  { include "evdev+aliases(qwerty)" };
        xkb_types     { include "complete+caps(shift)+numpad(microsoft)"        };
        xkb_compat    { include "complete"      };
        xkb_symbols   { include "pc+us+il:2+inet(evdev)+group(alt_shift_toggle)+terminate(ctrl_alt_bksp)"       };
        xkb_geometry  { include "pc(pc101)"     };

which causes keyboard behavior to act up a bit in other situations as well.

What should I do?

  • Have you checked the KDE hot-key bindings? Last time I used KDE, it had hot-key settings in the control panel (or whatever it is being called in KDE). – zagrimsan Sep 30 '15 at 10:49
  • @zagrimsan: It tells me Alt+Shift+BackTab should work, whatever that means. I can't change it from the default, it tells me that "That key is not supported by Qt". – einpoklum Sep 30 '15 at 11:31

On my system you need one finger more: use Alt+Shift+Tab to scroll left in the list of tasks.

It works even with 2 fingers only:
Alt+Tab , do not release the Alt and press Left Arrow or Right Arrow to go left or right.

After your edit I find this link. What it follow it's just an hint.
You can try to backup your XKB customization file and to do some experiments.

With the command setxkbmap -types local -print on the system on which I am now, I obtain something similar to

xkb_keymap {
    xkb_keycodes  { include "evdev+aliases(qwerty)" };
    xkb_types     { include "local" };
    xkb_compat    { include "complete"      };
    xkb_symbols   { include "pc+us+il:2+inet(evdev)+terminate(ctrl_alt_bksp)"  };
    xkb_geometry  { include "pc(pc101)"     };

You can start with this one as your new custom file.
If it works you can modify what you need until you will find the option in conflict.

  • See edit. Shift+Tab doesn't work for me with Alt held down after Alt+Shift. However, +1 for the arros suggestion, that's something I guess. – einpoklum Sep 30 '15 at 9:52
  • @einpoklum. I added a link and a working configuration xkb_keymap. Good hunting. – Hastur Sep 30 '15 at 10:42
  • I'm not going to give up Alt-Shift toggling to avoid the problem - I need that even more... – einpoklum Sep 30 '15 at 11:28
  • @einpoklum So have you verified that Alt-Shift toggle triggers this (removing that would solve the issue)? – zagrimsan Oct 1 '15 at 6:55
  • @einpoklum The use of shift to logic negate a command is a general behaviour of KDE (e.g. Ctrl-Z and Shift-Ctrl-Z for Un-Do Re-Do)... I remember that to switch between 2 language layout I mapped the command with a different combination (something like Shift-CapsLock...) instead of Alt-Shift. If this is the problem I think you can find a lot of other not harmful combinations... – Hastur Oct 1 '15 at 8:40

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