I have a Hyper V box that hosts 5 servers.

One server has 6GB of RAM (Server A) while another has 4GB of RAM (Server B).

Is it possible to take 2GB from Server A and place it into Server B in Hyper V?

Here's the memory settings of both servers on Hyper V Manager.

Server A with 6GB RAM

enter image description here

Server B with 4GB RAM

enter image description here

If this is possible, how would I do this?

If not, how can I upgrade Server B so it has 6GB of RAM?

Edit: The Hyper V Host has a total of 30GB RAM installed.

  • Just to clarify, you have one physical server with 5 guests, and Server A and Server B are both Guests? – LPChip Oct 1 '15 at 14:28
  • By Guest do you mean are they Virtual machines? I have one Physical server (we'll call it Host) which is running 5 Virtual Machines (Server A+B+C+D+E). – zain.ali Oct 1 '15 at 14:38

Assuming you have the standard basic Hyper-V licencing you'll need to stop the servers before making the changes.

Using the Hyper-V management console:

  • Stop both VMs.
  • Edit their Settings.
  • Reduce the allotted RAM on Server A.
  • Increase the allotted RAM on Server B.
  • Start the VMs again.

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