The documentation is not very clear to me as sending an email adding multiple email address as BCC and CC

should I use -b email@ -b email2@ 


-b email1@dom.com email2@dom.com

or comma separated?


Documentation (man page) says:

mutt [-nx] [-e cmd] [-F file] [-H file] [-i file] [-s subj] [-b addr] [-c addr] [-a file [...] --] addr|mailto_url [...]

which means that the complete -c addr switch must be repeated for each Cc recipient, and -b addr for each Bcc recipient.

The exception being the list of To recipients at the end of the command invocation, which need no switches.


For any option of mutt:

mutt [-nx] [-e cmd] [-F file] [-H file] [-i file] [-s subj] [-b addr] [-c addr] [-a file [...] --]

if you have multiple arguments following, you can use quotation marks " and commas , to separate the individual commands within the same group. For example

-e "set content_type=text/html, realname='John Citizen'"

-b "email1@dom.com, email2@dom.com"

Full command:

mutt -e "set content_type=text/html, realname='John Citizen'" -s "This is some subject" -- "this_is_the_email_you_want_to_send_to@recipients_email_address.com, second_persons_email@domain.com, third_persons_email@domain.com" < /home/dir/some_directory/the_HTML_file_you_want_to_send.html

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