I've recently upgraded a Linux Mint x64 from Petra (16) to Rafaela(17.2), using apt-get dist-upgrade. After finally resolving all dpkg errors, I rebooted.

At bootup, instead of showing the Linux Mint logo, it shows the flashing dots during boot . . . . and the colors look wrong; The dots are dark green on black.

There was a problem with the /etc/fstab the system should have shown the S_kip or M_anual fix dialog, but was invisible due to a video setting problem. Rebooting in recovery text mode showed the fstab error message and was fixed.

Googling shows it might have something to do with Plymouth. How would I go about to fixing the Plymouth config?


  • Linux Mint x64 17.2 Rafaela
  • nVidia GeForce 210 ASUS

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The following procedure fixed the bootup graphics:

Edit the grub configuration:

sudo vi /etc/default/grub

At this line position:


Add the following:


Update the GRUB with the new configuration:

sudo update-grub


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