So I've been having this issue for some time. I have 1 port that recognizes only my keyboard and mouse (Logitech). The other ports charge items but does not recognize them. I have done the following: Flashed the Bios (Acer Predator G3610) Used both USBDeview and USBOblivion Reinstalled the chipset software unplugged devices and restarted the computer unplugged the USB ports from the motherboard Everything that I could find online to do I have tried and it's making me a little crazy. It's running Windows 7 x64. Crazy part is when I plug in a wired keyboard to the one port that works, the keyboard works. If I plug in anything else (ie printer, iphone, tablet, thumb drive) it doesn't recognize it. Any ideas on how to fix this would be great. Thanks


USBDevView can show you if there was an unusual entry in the list of all USB devices ever connected. This list can also be accessed from the Registry. You might have an invalid item on the list causing the issue. Back up the Registry before removing an entry, though.

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